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Hi and welcome to our blog!

Hi there we're Sarah and Ann-marie from Creative Awakenings. We really happy that you've found your way to our website. We hope, that you've discovered just the course you were looking for to take you forward on the next step, to where you're heading.

Our journey working together started many moons ago when we walked into a rehearsal room as professional actors to begin rehearsing for a play with The Scottish National Theatre called The Baccahe. We toured the world together acting, singing and dancing and getting to know each other. Well jumping forward in time Ann-marie gave up the showbiz life and dedicated herself to working to help others, so she put away the scripts and became a qualified Dramatherapist and life Coach amongst other things. And Sarah, well she’s still treading the boards and donning the grease paint.

Creative awakenings came about over many cups of coffee and us discussing all the teaching we had done over the years, in all the different countries, and realising how much we wanted to help others. Well, that was it, we were going to set up a little acting club… or so we thought. We both realised that what we really wanted to do was to share our experience and skills of how actors have to handle the audition process. How we overcome nerves, self-doubt, answering difficult questions and not losing faith in your own ability, confidence, etc.

Armed with only our mobile phones, laptops and a huge amount of passion for helping people Creative Awakenings was born, and seven years later we are still here as enthusiastic as ever, and always working to give our clients the very best learning experience.

Creative Awakenings has given us the opportunity to work with all sorts of people from all walks of life from Shop Workers to a UN Policy Maker, From Photographers to Teachers and from Students - to people going back in to work. We don’t dish out material and leave you to it, we’re hands on. What we do is very much about working with the group and the individual, as actors we valued being given the time, space permission to shine and that’s what we give our clients. Right on that note I’m off for a cuppa. Thanks for dropping by.

Some Exciting News

Dynamic Job Interview Course: Well we haven't even finished our current course and we've already heard that one of our clients has just had three job offers. She said she was sad to be leaving the course as she'd got so much out of it, but happy as what she learnt has already paid off. What a great way to start the week. #gotthejob #interviewtechnique #interviewtechniquecourse #creativeawakenings

We Heard About Some Jobs Going 08/11/21

Take a look at all the jobs on offer at Better Gym Copthall in Barnet.

This a nice new gym surrounded by greenery, you'd never know you were in London.

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