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Small Group

This course is online 

Does your school have students who suffer from social, emotional or developmental needs? Have they witnessed Domestic Violence? Are some of your pupils in Care and face issues of abandonment and rejection? Do some of your students present with a hidden disability or have neurodiverse needs? Are some of the behavioural difficulties interrupting the classes in person or online? Are some of your students unable to engage with online learning? Do some of your secondary students who present with identity, gender identity or sexual orientation challenges? Our Group Therapy Course offers a safe, therapeutic space where your students are able to explore their issues and together improve their mental health and well being which positively impacts their relationships, behaviours and school life.

Who Is This Course For?

“How one identifies within themselves directly relates to their behaviour.” Ann-marie Idiagbonya

This course is for primary school pupils. We put children with the same challenges into small groups and tailor make the sessions accordingly. Due to the bespoke nature of this course, the focus of the work can be varied. Themes we explore range from bullying, grief, witnessing domestic violence and how to socialise.


This course is also for secondary school students. Some of the issues we may work through with teenagers include gender identity, race, sexual orientation, anxiety, stress, grief, isolation, peer pressure, social acceptance, conflicts about independence and other identity questions that they may have. These are some examples of issues that we have experience in tackling.  We focus on any presenting challenges as our approach is child-centred and we listen to their problems. 

This 10 week course is designed to help remove the barriers to learning. It may fall under the Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO) remit or be wider reaching. This is an innovative use of PUPIL PREMIUM and can help those on Free School Meals, as well as anyone who will benefit.

Each process begins with a consultation so we develop what is right for your school.

Course Content (sample)


Week 1: Building Trust 

Week 2: Working Together

Week 3: Discipline = Confidence

Week 4: Deglamourising Bad Behaviour

Week 5: Building Bridges & Correcting Behaviours

Week 6: Abandonment & Rejection

Week 7: Healing

Week 8: Looking to your future – The Ideas

Week 9: Looking to your future – The Practice

Week 10: Putting it all together. Closure & Feedback



10 x 1 hour pw over 10 weeks




If you want a 1:1 session  Contact Us




Equipment you need for this online course  

  • A device with a camera & microphone - this can be your mobile phone/iPad/Tablet etc

  • Comfortable loose fitting clothes so you can move easily

  • A4 paper

  • Pens, pencils and felt tips or colouring pencils

Creative Awakenings has given children the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and safe environment. The use of drama and music has really opened the children’s minds and got them to think about their behaviours. Teachers have seen a change in children’s behaviours in class and parents have seen a change in their children at home.

Mrs Kamini Mistry

Headteacher Sudbury Primary School 

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