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Our Courses

Dynamic INterview Technique

For seven year we have successfully helped clients to gain employment, change careers and start businesses. Drawing on our professional experiences as actors we understand the importance of selling yourself, presenting the right image and dealing with nerves.

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Accent Softening

The quality of our Accent Softening course is second to none because voice training is a prerequisite of professional actor training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts which your tutors attended.

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De-stressing course

Now more than ever we need to destress and our course is lead by a qualified Dramatherapist who is able to therapeutically impart the necessary skills to help you destress.

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English as a second language

Our interactive English as a Second Language course is led by TELF qualified industry professionals who have taught English around the world.

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group therapy

Children and Young People are living through difficult times where their mental health and socialisation are being pushed to the limits. With the guidance of a HCPC & BADth registered qualified Dramatherapist, they will learn to thrive. This course has successfully been running for seven years.

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happiness course

Bad news has beset us and finding our 'happy' can be dauting right now. Our tutors are qualified Dramatherapists, Yale qualified in The Science Of Wellness and Life Coaching. 

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