Who am I? Adolescent Identity

Who Am I? Adolescence

This course is currently online and in person

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We have created a 10 week course called WHO AM I? It's built around the disenfranchised teen. Those who suffer from social, emotional or developmental needs. We work on building trust,

so we can help the teen look at issues that affect them, these may be abandonment, rejection, gender identity, DV that often result in behavioural difficulties and emotional conflict. The emphasis on this course however, is working through the identity of the teenager. Identity during the times of Covid-19

is especially poignant.

This course is designed to help with being comfortable in their own skin, socialisation and removing the barriers to learning. It may fall under the SENCO's remit or be wider reaching. This is an innovative use of PUPIL PREMIUM, and can help those on Free School Meals.

If your school has specific needs we can incorporate them into our standard course or we can create a unique course

specifically for your school. 


Each process begins with a consultation so you choose what is right for your school.

What goes into our programmes? 


We know that several factors can hinder a teenager's ability to socialise, not be overwhelmed by their emotions or learn, they could be:


  •   Family circumstances

  •   Gender Identity

  •   A disability

  •   Social or emotional problems

  •   The learning environment

  •   Behavioural difficulties

  •   Learning disabilities

  •   Being a young carer or helper

  •   Having English as a second language


So we have developed our courses to tackle this need.



Small group sessions

Email: info.creativeawakenings@gmail.com for payment info.


"Creative Awakenings has given children the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and safe environment. The use of drama and music has really opened the children’s minds and got them to think about their behaviours. Teachers have seen a change in children’s behaviours in class and parents have seen a change in their children at home."

Mrs Kamini Mistry

Deputy Headteacher Sudbury Primary School