Creative Awakenings has given children the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and safe environment. The use of drama and music has really opened the children’s minds and got them to think about their behaviours. Teachers have seen a change in children’s behaviours in class and parents have seen a change in their children at home.

Mrs Kamini Mistry

Deputy Headteacher Sudbury Primary School 

Thank you and Sarah for helping me (and all the others, I guess!) gain self-confidence and rise my self-esteem. It's definitely not easy when you move to another country, but your positive energy was contagious! 

And actually I've got great news because in addition to my evening Italian lessons I got another job, just 2 days after we finished the course! It's a temp job (9 weeks) but it's full time and I work for Air France as a customer care person. I'm so happy! The office is a huge open space with people from all over the world, speaking 15 different languages. It couldn't go better!

Federica Tomasi

I found the EAL course really helpful to me as it increased my interaction skills with others in groups by performing role plays in a drama setting. It has also increased my pronunciation of difficult words and the understanding of uncommon words found in newspapers by making sentences with them.

Khayrun Ali - 

Free Flow Course Participant 

Dear Ann-marie 

I want to say thank you to you both. Your training programme has been a blessing. even though I still have some doubts about myself, I am looking forward to my next interview. I was a bit anxious in the beginning with the role play and games but I now understand their significance. During the entire training, I felt like you genuinely cared about my welfare as well as the others in the group. I was a bit surprised with myself today doing the final interview. At no point did I go blank. I felt more confident. In hindsight there's more I could have said and done but right now I am feeling proud of myself.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work as what you do is invaluable.

La'Vonn Ryan