Safe Space

Safe Space

This course is currently online only!


Safe Space is a one off, 1½ hour therapeutic based group workshop to help relieve stress and anxiety. You will leave with tips and techniques to help manage both.

The workshop is confidential and is held to create a Safe Space to explore your emotions.

Safe space is being offered to early sign ups for £40 per session. The cost for this workshop is usually £60 per session. However, in these difficult  times we don't want money to be a barrier to your participation. 

These sessions will run every Thursday from 16.30 - 18:30. Email us to join Hope to see you soon.  


I think the testimonial below will help you to grasp the workshop from a former participants point of view.



Discounts available for Students and Unemployed please enquire and for payment details.


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On Friday I took part in the anxiety and stress workshop ran by creative awakenings. During this workshop we spoke about things that we have worried about and coping mechanisms for dealing with these worries. Especially exaggerated by the current situation in the country. There were four of us in the workshop ran on Zoom where we could all see each other and it felt comfortable and easy to speak. We began by discussing how we could create a safe space to explore our thoughts and pretty quickly I felt able to open up to the rest of the group and explain why I had been feeling anxious recently. Together we spoke about our worries whilst developing a few mechanisms which may help, such as, imagining we are in a safe space every time we feel anxious. This is a really useful way of reducing the anxiety we may be feeling and bringing yourself back to the reality of being okay!


I came away from the workshop feeling relieved to have been able to share some of my thoughts as well as provided with a full list of top tips for feeling safe in my space.


I would definitely enjoy doing more of these workshops in the future and would recommend them to anyone feeling a bit anxious or worried, who are looking for a safe space to discuss this further.



Photo by Ilona Panych on Unsplash