Team Building

Team Building

Have your staff become complacent? Have they lost the fire in their bellies? Have you got a situation of old staff V's new staff or do you just have a great team and want to give them a fun up skilling day because they work hard and deserve it?


We don't believe in rolling out the same course to each company. Why would we, when each one is different. Before we even meet your team we will ask the coordinator about the team, like what do some of the individuals do for hobbies, what would you like to see as an outcome.  Don't expect your normal team building games that you've done a million times. Remember we're trained actors, singers and dancer, so be prepared to laugh a  

lot and bond.


Each workshop is tailored made for each specific group. Build up team spirit and communication whilst up skilling your staff. This drama based workshop is fun and Dynamic, and will help improve, communication, confidence, creativity, understanding, work productivity. 

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