Accent Softening

Accent Softening

This course is currently online only!

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Does your accent sometimes hinder you from being understood? Do you want to soften your accent?


We work in small groups of like minded people, so that attention can be given to each participant. We look at diction, confidence, pace, and flow of speech.


This course is dynamic, vibrant and fun and will help learning feel effortless through its use of drama techniques. It builds upon your knowledge and will empower you to grow in a way that doesn't feel like being back at school. 

Length: 5x 2hr sessions over 5 weeks. Private sessions are available.



Discounts available for Students and Unemployed.

Please enquire for booking and payment info.


"I'd like to thank you for helping me gain self-confidence and rise my self-esteem. It's definitely not easy when you move to another country, but your positive energy was contagious! 

I've got great news  I got another job, just 2 days after we finished the course."