Free Flow Adults

Free Flow Adults

'Free Flow for Adults” has been designed for non-native English speakers who wish to develop their spoken English skills. 


Often one of the biggest barriers in learning and using another language is confidence. The course will help you to develop it, which in turn will allow you to be more fluent with the English that you already have. We will look at language acquisition, diction, reading and basic grammar.


This course is dynamic, vibrant and fun and will help learning feel effortless through drama, popular songs and creative writing. It builds upon your knowledge and will empower you, it allows you to grow in your ability to speak, understand, read and write in English. We also use tools such as voice, diction exercises and role play to develop and enhance communication skills.  


Working within a group of people who have the same needs, really helps you to find new coping skills and tricks to get you through daily life and difficult situations.


"I'd like to thank you for helping me gain self-confidence and rise my self-esteem. It's definitely not easy when you move to another country, but your positive energy was contagious! 

I've got great news  I got another job, just 2 days after we finished the course."

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