Dynamic Interview Technique

Dynamic Interview Technique

 Being unemployed is never easy. We all know how hard it is sending out letter after letter and CV after CV and getting no response, but what happens when you are invited in for an interview? Are you relaxed,  confident, secure in how you will answer questions? Or are you overly nervous or self conscious? Do you speak too quickly or not not sure what to say, do you fidget? We'll teach you how to appear more confident which means half the battle is won.



Is to help people get back into the work place or to help them find a new job, by improving interview skills, confidence, self esteem and motivation.


Course content

  • How to market your skills successfully

  • Practise answering those tough questions

  • Hearing the subtext

  • Understanding your body language and what it is saying to the Interviewer

  • Voice work (how to project with clarity)

  • Building Confidence

  • Interview etiquette

  • Dealing with a camera

  • Nerves 


The course is normally run in groups of no more than 12 people. You will participate in mock interviews, role play games and confidence building exercises. We will help you to understand how you are presenting yourself to the rest of the world and what your unique selling points are, and how they can help you get the job.



5x 2hrs sessions over 4 weeks. Individual sessions vary in length. 

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